Friday, January 1, 2010

Quels rêves mai venu

So I've decided I would like to learn more about my regularly comes out for our annual camping trip, and for the kids' sporting/special events...but otherwise it lives in its case.

There's a local shop that does classes, and once finances allow, I'll take one of those a month...that shouldn't be long because classes start at Twenty Bucks!

But for now...I'm perusing the book...yes the book that came with the camera.

I think I'll shoot for at least one new picture from one new thing I've learned each month.
I can DO that
I might be more adventurous some months, weeks, or heck even days
but if I get 12 pics up this year from 12 different settings, well then I'm ahead of last year.

I think too, I'll be listening to more things in French again
I did this before
on a regular basis actually
and loved it
I stopped because new people were in the car besides myself and Bm and they didn't get it and then never picked it back up again
so now it's 'again' and I'm picking it up :)

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