Thursday, January 14, 2010

Camping Lessons: Cool place to camp!

In '08, we went to Suwanee river state park for our annual camping trip, we still talk about balanced rock and the old guy with the baritone voice fishing across the river singing gospel hymns.

This year we visited the Florida Caverns.
The main tour cave was discovered during the late 1930s when Civilian Conservation Corps workers were building the park. A worker happened to look beneath the roots of an overturned tree and found a hole leading down into the caves. Closer inspection revealed a massive networks of caverns with pristine formations and miles of passages. Tbe CCC then cleared out pathways for tours using pick-axes. 

The underground world was felt more like a sci-fi movie than something right in our own back yard!



rim pools

soda straws (baby stalactites)

close-up of a soda straw

the 'waterfall'

cave life - the bat my hub thinks is fake

Yes, It's a dinner plate!
I think this is one of my favorite facts from the cavern tour. The CCC guys lodged their plates into the rock behind their lights. The reflection gave them more light to work by.

photo credits....ME!


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Babetta--I was meant to find you and your blog! My hubby and I love caves. Had not heard of these caverns. I was just reading what you wrote to him. I'm putting these on my "to visit" list. We once did a motorcycle trip through KY, TN, and NC and the theme was caves and waterfalls. Of course, we visited Mammoth Caves, but they weren't even the best ones we saw. One of the B&Bs we stayed at had its own cave that you could have landed a cargo plane in! It also had ancient drawings in a part that had been frequented by Native Americans, which was still visited annually for ceremonies. BTW, it's hard to get good cave photos. Yours are great!


Babetta said...

Yay Shirley! That's the reason I're supposed to share the good stuff :)
It was definitely a fun trip and even worth a day trip to the caverns if you'll be passing through North Florida.