Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I swear I've been here before

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Deja Vu
See, I'm practicing my French already!

But seriously...what do YOU think of Deja Vu? There are lots of interesting theories about it but nothing concrete ... so I'll just postulate through my fingers here on the keyboard

I've had more than a few instances of "I've been here before" over the past few weeks.
I mean EXACTLY...the same words, same gestures, same people, same reactions.
LOTS of more than a dozen in the past few weeks...

So one might consider that we live in different time continuum at the same time
I consider that often, that time really isn't time it's just a nice way our human minds compartmentalize memories but our Spiritual beings exist on all planes... (tee hee the image of ghosts on a plane just came to my mind)
Anyway...considering this perspective, maybe I missed something important the first time through and a wiser version of my Spirit is tapping me to make sure I'm paying attention... so I'm paying attention, which is a good thing to do anyways.

One theory I recently read about Deja vu states that it is a 'hiccup' in the processing of memory. Images are taken in and recorded in our short term memory and then once deemed significant  move into our long term memory for storage. (who is the almighty image deemer anyway??)
Typically, images, instances, events travel between STM and LTM seamlessly, we're not aware unless we just can't create those memories in the first which case I guess we're not aware either... but in the case of Deja Vu, there is a glitch, like a skip in the tape as memories convert.
This is sort of a cool thought...I mean it IS an explanation that is scientific...(disclaimer: not truly scientific because since Deja Vu has not been successfully recreated in a laboratory setting there is no empirical data)...but NOT cool because WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!?
Especially since it's happening to me frequently...
Is my memory maker breaking?
Will I wind up like the dude from Memento?

Or maybe like Sweet Johnny from "My Name Is Earl" he couldn't make new memories at all...he was stuck in the day before the best day of his life...and life was still good a la 50 First Dates.

Funny...I really loved each of these stories/movies/episodes... A LOT, actually
Memento is on my "top 5 movies of all time" list and 50 First Dates is a fun re-watcher for a light hearted movie...just happened to catch the My Name Is Earl episode yesterday so that's why it's fresh in my brain...

So I guess that means, for now I'm successfully capable of creating new memories, long and short term...
But WHY the Deja Vu????



Ursula said...

Well, since I have no idea what kinds of experiences your Deja Vu are, this may be unhelpful. But, I believe that we are nearing the end, the very end. Very quickly. I've found God speaking to me in new and unusual ways about the urgency of that. Perhaps He is speaking to you too? Look for His voice in the instances of deja vu and see if you find it.

Me said...

Yes, Ursula, I agree
that's more in line with what my intuition is telling me...something important is happening here so pay attention, and just in case you missed it the first time, here's a replay!

marythemom said...

I personally think Deja Vu is works like dreams (a series of unrelated events that our brain is processing and our mind tries to connect into a story because that's what it does).

Maybe I'm just an old stick in the mud, but I think most of the time Deja vu is our mind attaching significance to coincidence. On the other hand, I don't really believe in coincidence so maybe this is God's way of drawing attention to the event for us.

I watched the clip for Memento, but I like comedies better. I liked Clean Slate with Dana Carvey better!

Mary in TX

Babetta said...

Heh Heh Mary, yes very good observation...I always say "coincidence, A.K.A. God"