Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Birthday to ...

I've reminisced a lot this weekend, it's the weekend our two youngest children celebrate their 19th birthdays... and neither of them will be home to celebrate.
This hit me HARD
Image result for miss my kiddos
It's the first birthday when I won't make cake or share hugs in person
The first birthday where wishes and love have to take place over phone lines and text messages.
I am oh so thankful for that technology and oh so proud of where our kids are (all 3 of them!) and what they are doing in life to work toward their goals and create the people they want to be when they are older.
Another trip around the sun, another chance to reminisce.
This is usually where I post Bry's birth story -- and think of all the ways I'm changed for having been a mother.
The mom role is different now that our kids are grown and in college.
I still promise to be here for each of them when they text or call -- it's the one call I'll ALWAYS answer and that will ring in the middle of the night loud enough to wake me.
The conversations are different now that our kids are grown and in college. But the hugs are the same and there's ALWAYS room for nuggets and tots over a game of Phase 10, Yahtzee or QWIXX and the hugs, the hugs are even better -- if that's possible.
The story is now one of new birth -- the birth of who you will be on your own and I cannot wait to watch you fly!