Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Birds, One Stone

My boss's boss asked me today what would make our business more profitable.
He didn't mean the theme park itself...he meant our little corner of the business.
I told him we don't market our services
If we just included information in our print ads
or had a spotlight article about our services in the local paper
our target community is loyal
once they know you provide a service...they frequent
We've been providing amazing service at unheard of levels and haven't been telling anyone about it
If you tell them...they will come

So he said he'd work on the copy in print ads...he's got more clout
And he asked ME to write an article
something he can float down the line to the ones who make things happen
me...he says I'm a good writer and know the niche intimately

So see both of these things (print ad, article) are on my list of professional goals to be completed in 2009.

And one of my personal goals is to be published...thought I had accomplished that one with my guest appearance in a tattoo mag...but maybe not...maybe this is a chance for the whole 2 birds one stone thing

Now I'll just not question my writing abilities and go...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bm the constant note

I want to play a game
You'll have to do this with me
I want juice
Do you know how to play spyder
Can I come with you
Aren't we all eating together?
Big, doey, brown eyes

Last night my daughter did everything in her power to say she needed time with me without just coming out and saying she needed my attention
I put her off
I promised her that today (my day off) she could teach me how to play her game and we'd find a better way to put the patches on her vest but right then, I had some last minute things to do and then it was going to be 9 and I was ready to just sit.

She didn't really need to do the things she was asking
She needed some attention
I think Father's day is hard for her
She loves my husband very much but in some ways she's still trying to figure him out
I know she thinks if she loves him too much, her brothers will be mad
And she loves her brothers too
So what's a girl to do?
SAY HOW SHE FEELS AND LET THE OTHERS DEAL WITH THEIR OWN DANG FEELINGS that's what I say...but I can't even do that all the time.

Then there's her bio father
it probably didnt help any that my pants pocket called him on Friday so he called back
(probably freaked him out because my number hasn't called his number in well over 3 years)

She just wants to love and be loved
me too
and when I wasn't, I got a little testy with her
I got snippy with her ...the one person who was trying to give me what I wanted

I was able to tell HER how she made me feel and why
but that's really not what she needed right then

I realized it about 15 minutes after we all went to bed
After I tried to gingerly say to my hub I ate the cheese because you sat in your chair
It hit me...she needs to feel like she belongs
I'm the only one she "technically" belongs to and sometimes the boys let her know that
maybe a bit of attachment disorder going on there
so I got up...shuffled down the hall in the dark, tapped on her door and told her I'm sorry for not listening when she needed my attention
I'm sorry I missed all of her cues
maybe next time she just needs to say "mom, I need some attention!"
we both giggled,
and I was walking out the door she said
Thank you

long, comfortable, sigh :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I told you it was a tradition

sang it LOUDLY this morning in the living room after the wee one's made me breakfast
a long lost buddy posted it on my facebook page

I still wanna be Johnette
or maybe just cover Johnette when my angel finally cures her dyslexia and notices I was supposed to be a siNGer not a siGNer

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

how does your garden grow

with strawberries, topsy-turvys and marigolds
2 bananas, pineapples and olive tree
and peppers all in a row

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You don't love God if you don't love your neighbor

We visited our old church today
We were married here
I started my path toward my calling here
I learned what it means to move "from glory to glory" here
because my glory left me behind...and waited for me ahead.

It was a bit weird driving back...we haven't been in that neighborhood in such a very long time and a lot has changed (construction, etc). We weren't sure what it would be like walking back in's been 2 years since we left, I've never met the new pastor (we left during the interim upheaval) and we've had contact with just a handful of friends since then.

Walking in was a pleasant surprise
Pastor M was thrilled to put a face to the Babs name
and turns out hub is Louis-of-the-Roof
hugs and hellos from many who walked in and saw us there
tears from some
can't take my eyes off you stares from others
it was nice to see how much of what i started while there has taken root (funny too because the message today was about planting seeds)
felt good to see that i guess i knew what i was doing because the things that they do now that work, were my seeds
gives me hope that we've been moved to our new congregation with purpose

We also realized we really love our new church
yes, it was great to see some old friends
if they were friends ...then wouldn't they still be...but I digress
#1son apologized for liking the old place better than the new...the old place definitely has a youth thing going on...but later #1 said the youth thing was good because of what I did to it
so I could do it again where we are now
that felt really good
I haven't put myself forward as a youth leader in our new place coz, well more than 1/2 of the youth live in my house...and i didn't think they'd want me as a youth leader...they have to deal with me enough...but, there was a resounding request from the back seat today as we drove
gave my heart a squish :)

even though both congregations belong to the same denomination
our new one is more in line with our spiritual walk
more organic
more open
more affirming
more inclusive
more about what is outside of our 4 walls instead of who is inside
our mission field IS our ministry
we're SMACK in the middle of a not so great part of town
down the road from a shelter
across the street from day labor
one of our main ministries is feeding and assisting the homeless and on any given Sunday while walking into or out you will find someone posting up with his shopping cart or her sleeping bag...and that's okay.
Christianity is our path.
and we celebrate some sacraments in the way Jesus did
but we honor the Divine in all forms, with all names and recognize that all who seek will find.

I don't want to go back
I can very easily step back into my role there tomorrow if I wanted to
heck, I could've grabbed a microphone today, someone asked me why I didn't
but it's not where we're supposed to be
my Glory is in another place
and I love it

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

energizer bunny

still going...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my juicer?
(yes, we'll check back in a month to see if the newness has worn off but i'm thinking NOT)

I LOVE my new juicer
it kicks butt! especially for a little 70 dollar model tucked away amongst the hundreds-of-dollars-models

I'm juicing every morning and I'll say it again...I cannot believe how satisfied I am
all the way through till lunch...without even CHEWING yet

I love my new juicer

oh oh...and our new plants arrive tomorrow or Friday...strawberries, bananas and an olive tree

so now I'm off to the yard to start clearing space!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Door part Deux

The door is once again red you may remember this from before and be thinking, "wait, wasn't the door already red?"
Why yes, yes it was...then we bought a new door. 
So once again, the door is red AND the new hardware is in!
oh yeah...and i think i mentioned a post or few ago that Bm's room is complete
I don't think i posted any pics...the bed belonged to my parents and is from Sears (way back before there was ever a Roebuck so it's OLD...and for the record, friggin HEAVY).
The surfboard will be mounted on hooks she can retrieve it from when she hits the beach but keep it out of the way when she's home...and the posters have since been stuck to the wall. You can't see the other corner because, well, her clothes are all over the's one of those "battles I've chosen not to pick" right now :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Well i didn't get the mac daddy fancy schmancy will juice anything, make nut butters AND milks juicer that I wanted...but I DID get one
I opted for The Sharper Image Super Juicer at Bed Bath and Beyond because it was 70 bucks AND THEN the cashier gave me a 20% off coupon coz I left mine in the junk drawer in our kitchen...
This morning I made juice
yummy juice
carrots, an apple and a pear
OMG it was delicious and I was AMAZED how satisfied I felt all the way through mid morning

Out topsy turvy garden is 1 1/2 for japanese cucumber plant is doing FANTASTIC, our tomato plant just so so and the other cucumber plant just died :( the hub thinks the wind broke off the stems...I think it was an animal, but either way we'll have to find a replacement plant

We bought the pieces we need to complete our rain barrel, we have a design for our compost bin, and we have 25 strawberry plants, 2 dwarf banana trees and one hardy tree on the way.
We also got some seeds this weekend. I've been saving toilet paper tubes for seed starters and the plastic containers our strawberries and spinach comes in for mini greenhouses so I'm going to start our brocolli and zucchini inside so they're ready to plant in July...we're going to put the corn and beans (2 different varieties) along the back fence line

I heard a story this morning on npr about grey water harvesting...sounds interesting may check into it. We already "recycle" water through our central air conditioning unit to water our lawn. Our A/C unit is a water cooled system and we divert the run off through a hose and whenever the A/C runs, the lawn gets watered. We'll eventually get to a system that is programmed and switches zones on its own...for now we just move the sprinkler every once in a while.

We've also decided to use the side yard for a patchouli garden. We've figured out the best way to grow from cuttings and the side yard gets the perfect amount of sun/shade etc. I think I'll try to distill my own essential oil and I know we'll sell plants through the couple that gave me my very first cutting.
Okay...time to cook dinner
maybe I'll juice mine...i'm saving the pulp for some soup i'm starting from the fresh pork shoulder the hub smoked last week....yum