Monday, December 21, 2009

The never ending saga that is my hair... ('poo free once more!)

I don't know why I ever stopped this.
Oh my dear BS/ACV hair care routine how I have missed you!

Well...I know what made stray, I colored my hair to 'get back' to my natural hair color (yes THAT turned into a fiasco) and I was suckered in by a sulfate free shampoo...
It just made my hair ucky...but I bought it, so I had to use it
Well...NO MORE! The last of it touched my head last week and yesterday I went back to my beloved Baking Soda wash and Apple Cider Vinegar rinse...oh how I miss the feeling of CLEAN hair

Yes, I'll probably have to go through some of the transitionary pains again...
But I know the results are more to my liking...not to mention my budget.

so just an update...
I'm not cutting (no more than a trim for which I'm seriously over due) until 10/31/10...that's when I will revisit the idea of cutting...
I'm not coloring anymore, so yes, even though the bulk is black and my roots are growing out dark brown, I'm dealing with it
And no more shampoo or conditioner
I find I don't use very much product in it when I go 'poo I'll reassess the need for those once the 2 bottles of product I have are gone.

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marythemom said...

I recently went back to my natural hair color (I couldn't afford to keep dying it - and my natural color was too different from anything I could dye). I let the roots grow out for as long as I could stand it, and then chopped it all off.

So now I have salt and pepper short hair, but it's shiny and healthy - I actually get more comments on it now! Hope you enjoy your doo with no poo!

(I just wanted to comment so I could use words like doo doo and poo in a sentence! *grin*

Mary in TX

Babetta said...

tee hee...yes there is some satisfaction in the silliness isn't there :)