Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Search is Over

Okay, I admit it.
I made one last ditch effort to find my Secret Santa.
I had the seller's information from the original e-bay ad and asked if they'd share the info with me so I could extend my gratitude.

The seller replied:
I have asked the buyer if I could tell you their name. Here was their response...
Please no. And thanks for asking first!
If you wouldn't mind just telling her the following
" The giver wishes to remain anonymous. You've been inspirational to them and they wanted you to have something they knew would make you very happy. Keep on doing what you are doing (even the really hard stuff) and sharing your story. Let the secret be a reminder that people are watching and gaining courage from your journey"

The whole fam got a bit misty eyed.
Thanks Secret Santa, you have encouraged me to keep sharing.

And now...
For anyone wondering if Holly Hobbie is going to live on a shelf...
ABSOLUTELY NOT...this is most definitely my next purse
I even ordered some little goodies today to make the ensemble complete

Thanks Santa!


e's mama said...

i dig the new blog look. where did you find it?

as for your secret santa, it has to be someone who knows where you live, otherwise how could the ebay seller know where it was going? i promise it wasn't me...i'd want to take the credit! :)

Babetta said...

there's a link at the bottom of my page I just did a template search for 3 column templates. I downloaded about 4 of them, this one speaks to me right now, funky, freaky and me LOL

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Babetta--Now I see what you were talking about ... how wonderful that someone did that for you and sent that lovely message!