Monday, January 18, 2010

Ca va tres bien, merci!

I made a fabulous gluten free feast tonight...okay, maybe not a FEAST but I liked the alliteration.
Potato and Asparagus hash with steamed spinach and poached eggs.
Yes, I POACHED EGGS...perfectly I might add...but I'm getting ahead of myself.
This afternoon I prepped all the ingredients for the hash,

potatoes, fresh asparagus, onions, garlic and fresh dill

I also juiced the rest of our navels. I added some cantaloupe this time, and a couple of tangerines for a little sweetness. It turned out a beautiful color and texture! Can't wait for the fam to try it at breakfast.

All of this while practicing my French! I downloaded "Coffee Break French" from iTunes and recited along as I peeled and juiced oranges. Lesson 1 c'est trop facile! I'm looking forward to the future episodes.

I also downloaded the latest version of The Chubby Jones Podcast for my Couch 2 5k training. I listened to Mia when I first tried training for a 5k, her newest version is GREAT and much more polished.
I went to the gym with the hub tonight and completed Week 1 Day 1 and it felt great!

Then...I made dinner and made PERFECT poached eggs!
Yes, I said perfect...I'll add this to my list of  "perfect eggs" recipes. (the hub perfected hard boiled eggs earlier this year).

My picture doesn't do it justice (just a shot with my phone, shoulda pulled out the deucey and tried a new setting). My egg looks more like a dollop of sour cream, but it was tasty...and it was perfect :)


Mia said...

Yeah girl! Great job with the running and the perfectly poached eggs :) I'm hoping the new podcasts will get you pumped to run without you noticing how much more electronic music I'm needing to use, haha!

Babetta said...

Wow Mia! Thanks for the personal encouragement ~grin~
I had a tough time sticking with it last time and faded out around week 4.

My other blog is where I'll be keeping track of the successess and struggles :)

if you remember, drop me a line in 4 weeks and kick my butt!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

You had me at hash! I'm all over the rest, except I'll leave out the dill if you don't mind. ;-)

I'm intrigued on Chubby Jones and Couch training ...


Babetta said...

Shirley, DEFINITELY take a listen to Mia's pod far we share a lot in common so our music tastes may be similar too...Mia has some GREAT choices and she has kept me on the treadmill longer than any other running podcast ha sin the past.

The hash, FANTASTIC and the dill isn't very 'dilly' at all, I think it actually brings out the flavors of the asparagus

AND...if you remember any of your high school french, comment in french every once in a while :)

Linda said...

All of it sounds delicious. I love a perfect poached egg!