Thursday, August 27, 2009

My next home

I want a community of THESE!
Thanks to one of my fave bloggers for sharing the link!

I believe life is better when it's simple
when neighbors are neighbors and needs are met
the wants become more social and less socially motivated
I want a yard where kids can play
a community garden
a circle community school
finding joy in the gifts we have and can share
I want to bake for my neighbor and share meals together
I want to can (more than just pickles)

If we ALL would live with what we need
the EVERYONE's needs could be met
and we ALL could LIVE

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I made pickles

Okay...ever since I read Gluten-Free-Girl's post about making pickles, I've wanted to make pickles.
I tried to get everything together before I left for Texas but the cukes I bought at the market weren't very good so I scrapped the idea for a later date
today was that date.

I made up my own pickling spice recipe
and think next time I'll add some of our pepper creations to the brine.
But for now, the jars are resting...waiting to be eaten in a few days!