Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Blog's New Clothes - - and afternoon showers

A rainy afternoon called for an afternoon movie from the netflix queue
I picked a documentary of course, because we'd already watched a musical and because I was the only one watching.
I loved this one
I really did
There is a revolution rumbling and the conversation does start now (as the movie's final screen declares).
Anne Rice spoke out
Jim and Tammy Faye's offspring is revolutionizing
and I like what they're all saying
we should call ourselves Christ-likes instead of Christians...then we really can remember what (who) we're supposed to be like.<--that's a paraphrase of a Bill Maher quote from the movie.

The blog got new clothes yesterday
while I loved my former template it was a bit too emily the strange for spring time
and of course rained stormed all day long.
so spring must be springing soon :)

I've got two chapters of my book outlined and a third in my head
which is probably why this blog post is so disjointed
but that's okay
I only sat down to write
and write I did
whether or not it makes sense makes no matter at all

oh...and if you haven't seen the movie, you can instant stream it
watch it
it's good

I want a confession booth!