Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Annual Camping Trip

Next week we'll be here!

We're camping this year at the Florida Caverns.

We leave Christmas morning after our traditional Christmas breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham and head out for the week!

We cannot wait!
This year has been rough and a week of roughin' it is just what we need! Our buds T&S loaned us their pop-up so set up and tear down day will be MUCH easier than years past...not to mention sleeping!

So today...the hub and I are gettin it all in gear (the gear that is...)
We'll have smoked cornish hens for Christmas dinner
Chili with Sun Chips is a camping MUST (last year we forgot to pack the utensils and we had to eat our chili with our Sun Chips...voila! new family tradition)
Of course there will be hot dogs, s'mores and hot chocolate
late night trips to the bathroom with our flashlights fastened to our foreheads
and THIS year...Middleson and I are getting our time-lapse shot of the stars!

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