Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trial and Error Gardening...

Spring has sprung and we're back in the garden again.
I have been known to kill as much as I've harvested in years past, but any harvest that comes from a 10 cent pack of seeds is cheaper than a grocery store harvest so it's all worth it! 
This year, I've gotten a bit more practical with what we've sown (the habanero plant that produced for months was a quick lesson in 'you'll only eat what you sow if it doesn't burn your butthole!)
This is my poinsettia from Christmas 2009, I think it's cool that it is still going...
So, lest you think I am Mrs Gardener Extraordinaire, I'll be photo journaling my work; this way I'll make good on 2 promises, grow more of my own food and use my great camera more often.

still going :-)

Newest addition, bell peppers and oregano...OPA!

Patio tomatoes and Cubanelle peppers in the awesome teak toolbox I re-purposed from the garage

Pathway of Begonias...okay it's really not a path to anywhere, it's the flower bed under my bedroom window but it LOOKS like a pathway to somewhere and there's sorta kinda some alliteration there...say it with me now "Pathway of Begonias" :-)

I just LOVE that we are using our rainbarrel this year!!

April 1, strawberry addition

I noticed today while taking pictures that I have a TON of parsley...time for some tabbouleh! THEN I noticed last night that this is a picture of cilantro...doh!

The HEALTHY Rosemary brother

For some reason, this herb pot is not nearly as lush as the other...

peek a boo...I see you tomatoes!

okay, when I TOOK the picture I could see the pepper...

April 1, Dwarf Banana addition (we lost last year's to the frost)

April 1, Honeyberry (Wild and Sweet) I'm gonna have to make some sort of shade tent for this one

The UNHEALTHY Rosemary brother. Sigh, I've replanted him and will see if he can be saved

April 1, Top-Hat Blueberries

Every morning when I see these I think of this bird from Planet Earth!

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Anonymous said...

i had a dead looking rosemary, too. seems they like to play dead a long time but they're really living and when they come back, POW, they look great. just neglect yours and see what happens.