Saturday, March 27, 2010

sumptuous strawberry diva

one for me... one in the bag... :-)
Number one son had a lacrosse game in Lakeland today
I originally wanted to go climb trees here...but they were booked and we couldn't get a reservation.
BUT...a friend mentioned FREE STRAWBERRY PICKING HERE which just happened to be about 10 miles from the lacrosse game...BONUS!
mini me and reeder

oh yeah...we have strawberries!

So I've frozen some
We'll juice some in the morning
There's some in the fridge
and some...will be come jam
at least that's what I'm gonna try...

And in other news...
Day one as a Diva...LOVE IT!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

So glad you went! Sorry I missed you. And Bok Tower is one of my favorite places to go but I'd never heard of their tree climbing bit. That might be a fun date for the grown ups in my family!