Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is in the Air

This weekend the hub and I were kid free and we took in the Winter Garden Bloom and Grow Festival.
On the way there, I spotted a side-of-the-road tool sale so we busted a U-ey and dug through plastic trays filled with old tools and treasures. I was immediately brought back to my dad's workshop in the basement when I was a kid...that greasy but not dirty smell of old tools...and it was nice :)

Digging was worth it because we scored these old school kitchen gadgets
and the hub scored an old FORD belt buckle that he promptly ressurrected with some love and some Brasso.

I've always loved kitchen gadgets, old and new and I'm weighing display options for these goodies now.
I could do a shadow box idea on top of my cabinets. They don't go all the way to the ceiling so the soffit is free display space. I was also thinking maybe a mobile or chandelier...
I'm sure something will come to me.

What I DID figure out is that I need to bring my camera on these escapades. The old guy running the impromptu tool sale was a wealth of information and had a cool story for every funky item there was! He had old horse tail combs and shoemaker stands, a great accent and a warm weathered complexion with more smile lines than wrinkles although his hands told a hard working story. My camera isn't a little put it in your pocket number, but it takes amazing photos and I have committed to getting to know it in the truck it's gotta go. The case will give me a good place to clip my sigg bottle.

We met a local beekeeper who holds montly beekeeping potlucks. He doesn't charge for his classes, everyone needs to bring a covered dish. We share a meal and then go out to work with the bees.
I am UBER excited about this because I've wanted a bee box forever but the hub doesn't want it on our property for safety reasons (makes sense). Mr Bee Man said "there are plenty of folks who will let you keep bees on their land." WOOT WOOT! "And, you can pay them in honey" WOOT WOOT WOOT!
So, the next 'dinner class' is May 23rd and I'm gonna try to get us a reservation!

Downtown Winter Garden is a pleasant stroll even when there ISN'T an event going on. This weekend was definitely a pleasure cruise! Local gardeners and craftsman without the cheesy crafts or the upscale art, just comfy with people from all walks of life and dogs everywhere ;)

It's a downtown district that has fought to keep it's charm with many of the stores in restaurants occupying buildings that have been in families for years. They've recently restored the downtown theater and have great performances and movies less than 10 miles from our house. The latest buzz is the produce guy who moved in not long market freshness 7 days a week! LOVE IT!

Further down the road were all the food vendors.
Now, I usually don't even LOOK because it's either fried (eww fried twinkies really?!?) or glutenous
But...there was an Arepa Stand! Arepas are GLUTEN FREE (we quizzed the guy to make absolutely positively sure) mmmmmm it was sooo good! I forgot how much I loved them and it made a GREAT lunch. I think I might try creating them at home because they'd be great with some fresh veggies inside and we should be harvesting soon!

I don't have picture updates but...
tomatoes are doing great
cubanelles should have a few ready this week
bell peppers are belling
harvested some cilantro...MAN I love that stuff!

rosemary brother is a half brother now...but neglecting him as a reader suggested, has at least revived part of the plant
...and this is the newest addition to the porch...I think I'll use it for Chives
I've always wanted one.
I first saw them when I was preggers with Bm and selling candles on the festival circuit but we lived out of a warehouse so hanging plants was not high on the list of priorities.
I spotted these hanging as soon as we started strolling down the street and picked one up on our way out.
Can't wait to use it

What should I put in it?
Chives on the bottom and what in the top?
Top pots are 4-inch bottom ones are 6-inch
Ideas please :)


Jennifer said...

No ideas for the pot, but just wanted to say, I LOVE arepas!!!

Allie said...

LOVE AREPAS!!!! They sell them in the frozen food at Publix.

As far as needing a camera....doesn't your phone have one??

Babetta said...

oh but a camera phone isn't a sexy photojournalisticesque image now is it!

Anonymous said...

won't chives grow tall? if so, do they have enough room if they're in the bottom planters? personally, i'd go for chocolate mint, or lemon mint, or any kind of mint.

Babetta said...

I thought of mints too...but I won't USE them, I wanna plant something USEFUL
Maybe Stevia?
Thyme is short right?

Allie said...

No it is not. You are so right and you even sounded sexy saying it!!