Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If I knew how to do a poll...

If I knew how to set up one of those blog poll thingies...I would!
I've got 6.5 months left til I can cut my hair if I decide to go that route (if I stick to my guns about not doing anything with it until Halloween).
So what would YOU do if you were me?
Long, Short, In-between?
In no particular order...



still three






Allie said...

I say sexy #7.

victoria said...

I love number 1!!!

Melanie Peach said...

I like one, four, nine. but what's easiest to manage? it shouldn't matter what people think, YOU have to wear it and fix it everyday.
just sayin...

Jennifer said...

I like 5, but Melanie is right.

e's mama said...


if you pick that pollyanna, 70s #6 i will mock you every. single. day.

word verification: nashnole = an asshole who lives in nashville?

Babetta said...

MOCK? wow
okay I guess I just need to decide long or short...but I don't need to decide now coz I can't do anything til Halloween anyway

Looking back on some pics when it was short...i didn't feel very feminine

Dealing with it now (coz my bangs are awkward) I'm grumpy about it long

In 6 months...who knows

I think maybe the NEXT poll will be pics of hairstyles I'm interested in

Yes, Melanie you're right...I need to wear it...but all of YOU need to look at it and I really don't want to be MOCKED every day ;)

tee hee...keep voting

Allie said...

Start looking around at all the women you see. Long hair all looks the same. It's funny to me that people connect long hair to being feminine-
Jada Pinkett Smith is one of the hottest most feminine women out there and her head is practically shaved. I think feminine comes from within...because even when I had long hair- there was nothing feminine about me!!

Babetta said...

Yeah Allie I know, I LOVE short hair cuts but there was just one pic of me that I saw that I was like..."eww." Must've been JOAN talking ;)

Shaving was actually on my list...but I've gotta dread first, then I'll shave...but first I have to get out of corporate america so I guess I'd better start writing my book now huh?

Todd and Susannah said...

I like numero uno