Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reveal Day!

I've decided to get technical...technically, the kitchen is done! The "breakfast nook" will need another day for the final coat of paint and the herb shelf in the window...


Anonymous said...

woo hoo...big difference and definitely more "babs." what did L say? oh, and how do you keep your stove clean? we have gas here and I hate it! maybe it's a pain to clean because ours is black. i wish for an electric flat top one.

Babs said...

yeah I like it too :) L is a cabinet maker (one of his many talents) so he'd prefer wood cabinets but we'll get there he likes it otherwise. The kids all love it...even the boys :)

Oh I LOVE my gas stove...I wouldn't have a flat top if you PAID me!
I wipe it down each night with a wipe then spray it down once a week with seventh generation