Monday, March 16, 2009

MMMMM Monday

Today has been glorious
Started with a yoga class at CPY...the entire studio is "power yoga" so even this yoga basics class kicked my butt (forget the fact that I haven't truly practiced in a year). My intention was some me time on my mat...and I got that, and some drops of sweat to boot.

Then off to Whole Foods to shop for groceries
I love shopping when there is no agenda and I can just walk around basking in the smells and colors around me. Unfortunately this WF is in a snooty part of town so some folks aren't as fellow-shopper conscientious as they could be, but I was in no hurry so I patiently waited and smiled at the butcher while he tried to apologize with his eyebrows.

I bought a new book on healing herbs...seems even the hub is ready to move away from pharmacology and into farmacology so I'm dusting off my literature and saving glass jars and bottles...we move into tinctures over the next few weeks...especially while the usnea is everywhere!

Took my time with this week's menu and got some great fish from the fish market...i think we'll do "breaded" cod and shrimp tonight. (I stumbled across some rice flower in the mom and pop mexican store down the street and tried it out on the family last week, they all LOVED it and it made for a delicious coating that wasn't too "heavy")
Tomorrow...St Patty's day, we'll have Bangers and Mash (I love that my blackberry gets great internet reception! Bangers were on sale today and I had a recipe on my screen in no time) I took my time in the beer aisle too...what is st patty's day without some beer... bought 2 different brands of gluten-free beer...the hub and I have decided we'd try some GF stuff together...that way if he likes it, we don't have to be doubling up on the groceries, save space AND money.

Last but not least I had a luscious lunch

These crackers are amazing (I bought the herb variety) and have definitely made me "brave" enough to try making my own on low heat in the oven (I don't have a food dehydrator) I topped them with a shmear of natural liverwurst and raw cheese and a touch of mustard for kick
then I just kicked back and let myself feel each chew
It's amazing how satisfied I am with the little things when the little things are whole.

I need more water...and to stretch a bit
this morning's class is gonna leave me sore!!!

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