Monday, March 9, 2009

Patchouli Propagation Project

Well, if you've followed my blog you know I've been nurturing a patchouli plant from a cutting for a while now. Pictures of our front door show how massive the plant has gotten...I just LOVE it and simply brushing by it in the morning puts a nice fresh scent (not heavy like commercial oils) into the air.
it's time to either move it into yet a larger pot, or put it in the ground
before I do either, I had to prune it back (poor thing looks like it got it's annual crew cut before going back to school) but it does have TONS of new growth so it should fill out nicely.

The woman who gave me the cutting at a local farmers' market told me they are quite hard to grow, but once they do they're very hardy...I got lucky...all of hers died save one.

So, since I had all these great cuttings after the "hair cut," I decided to try propagating my patchouli. I've tried several different scenarios hopefully some of them take!

We have the root hormone in water method

the cluster method

and individual cuttings in peat pots

even if none of these work, I still have my original plant

and with the leftover leaves...i'm going to make a smudge stick
mmmmm  can't wait for that to be ready!


Anonymous said...

i cna't match your witty alliteration but i can offer you some of my garden's parsely, sage, rosemary and lavender (sorry, no thyme) if you need them for your smudge sticks

Babs said...

oooh that'd be cool we can trade :) we'll be a long distance co-op!

BTW...Aimee is heading back to really should make time to meet up!

Anonymous said...

i think we might go to the garden store this afternoon to find some more stuff for the garden before we hit a cold front (thursday's high is 48....WTF????? it's going to be 80 soemthing today!).

i saw that on aimee's blog. will have to nail her down for a homecoming and some inspiration.