Tuesday, March 31, 2009

life saving potential

We went to pay our citation today for last month's dog incident
I prayed before hand...that financial situations would not become a burden and that Bear will be able to come back to us.
$500 cash handed over to the clerk of court and we'll go to visit Bear today

Just in front of the car in the parking lot was this branch filled with Usnea

This caught my attention for several reasons
I've been meaning to harvest some to create a tincture since it helps EVERYONE in the house when we struggle with strep or allergy related symptoms but I won't let hub or the kids just go pull it off the trees (even though it is plentiful in our yard) because I want the harvest to be pure...for the tree to be done with the Usnea and the Usnea to no longer have need for the tree...that way the Usnea be harvested with all of it's potential. Usnea has life saving potential.
Of course those words...taken out of context mean a lot
but today I'm taking them fully in the context of the sentence.
Usnea has life saving potential
and this branch was placed in front of my car to let me know my prayers had been answered and the Universe has everything in order for Bear and for our family.

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Anonymous said...

fingers and paw toes crossed that all turns out well for the Bear Family. now what is this Usnea you speak of?

word verfication: NESQU

This is what the new stockmarket will be called when the NASDAQ crashes.