Friday, March 13, 2009

patchouli part deux

so it's been a few days and I've checked on my plants
lots of the "older growth"
 in my cluster pot has wilted...but that was supposed to happen I guess to protect the new growth?
the stems seem REALLY hearty and the new growth is "perky" yeah, I said it.

the individual peat pots...I don't think they're doing so great but my patchouli mentor tells me not to fret they're doing fine and to remember the live to die ratio on these things isn't all that
one (out of the bunch) looks really good
and several of them seem to have somewhat "rooted" into their soil. Heck with the way mama grew, if I get one new plant out of each propagation
 I'll be happy...

Speaking of Mama...
she's sprouted a bunch of lil ones

so far so good...
and there are root trails forming in the water jar...but they're still too small to clearly catch with my camera so you'll just have to wait for those :)

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