Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today I'm officially 'poo free

I've used up my shampoo and conditioner...the same set I've had for over a year now so I guess I didn't use it much to begin with...and in my attempt to reduce the amount of plastic bottles we use and chemicals we put back down into our own septic system I've gone to a baking soda and apple cider vinegar process on my hair.
It definitely feels very clean. Very very clean
Right now i think the thing I will miss the most is the product I used on my curls
But as I delve deeper into this journey of discovering my true self...maybe my true hair needs to be a part of the unfolding.
I've also decided no hair color
at least not until back from Sedona in September
love my grey in all it's glory
I've actually been quite intrigued by it in years past because it is more white than maybe I'll take on that look of a wise sage :)
I've always wanted to try kicking the hair color...and now I have a tangible (because we already bought our tickets AND reserved our lodging) time to shoot for.
Will I dye my hair as soon as I get home..or in Sedona even? who knows
more likely I think I will have come to a point where I have reasons for grey or no grey that will resonate more truly with my being so in the end it will not matter.

So as you can see if you've been reading my posts, baking soda is becoming quite a staple around here, clean the house, clean my teeth, clean my hair...and i think today we'll run some through the dishwasher and clothes washer to give them a nice cleaning too.

But for now I'm in a new white eyelet sundress and off to the hub's sister's house for a family get together...tons o family i've never met with lots of miracle whip and spam but their hearts are kind and the laughter is loud
needless to say...I'm packing a cooler :)

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