Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I can cross off one of the things on my to do list for the year.
I always make a "professional goals" list and a "personal goals" list...actually 2 of those, one that pertains to work and one that pertains to everything else

One of my personal, work related goals is to be the receipient of a BRAVO! Award, my company's version of "Team member of the month"
and today...tada! I was awarded for the month of June
lots of goodies
not the least of which is a CLOSE parking spot with my name on it for the month of June

if you knew where I'd KNOW this is a major perk
heck I parked in IDAHO today and it's been raining every night at just about 5

Like I told my boss
I've had my aspirations for this award for about a year now...the "qualifications" have been what my work process has been modeled after...and will continue to be...gotta be a good role model now :)

oh oh oh
AND I got a name plate for my cubicle!
I know this seems trivial but I've had my cubicle for almost 3 years now
and I've never had a name plate because I'm a "department" not an's confusing...
but my cubicle neighbor noticed I didn't have one and didn't think that was she ordered one for me :) (she's the admin in charge of name was easy for her to sneak it in)

so not only was I recognized...I was validated too :)

OOHH this is a good AND
something GOOD happened to me and I didn't EAT!

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations! On all 3 points!