Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mustard, Mayo, Catch-up later...

Well I realized there's a lot of 'stuff' to catch up on so first...
the Patchouli project...
the cluster method definitely worked best and mama has come back in nicely

 the water method netted the 2nd best returns...all those offshoots are in planters at my mom's now...I'll get pictures next time I visit

The Breakfast nook is completed (except the pop-tab window sil)
The curtains are banners with different quotes about gentleness and love (mustard curtains wound up in the mud room) and the herb pots hold basil and oregano for the kitchen. You can't tell from this picture, but the pots are made of sliced corks that mirror the circles in my original inspiration art (Klimt).

Then there's the no 'poo project

this was before...flat and frizzy... (and blurry but hey)

and this is after one week...not sure you can tell but I can, not as flat, not as frizzy and shinier :)
okay...now you're caught up 

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