Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay...so yes, I've been moving more towards RAW foods because it seems to be what my body wants....but ever since I've learned of my gluten intolerance, it's also wanted PIZZA. We have a Pizza Fusion opening in our area soon and I've been looking forward to that but the grand opening keeps getting postponed so ....sigh, I just sniff while the fam eats pizza
But not tonight!
we had homemade pizza night...haven't done that in a while...
regular pizza for the fam and Gluten Free for me

It was my hope that everyone would like the Gluten Free crust and we could just switch over

maybe if I hadn't said anything and just made it ... but the hub said he could taste the difference (that's okay, more for me...I have individual slices wrapped and stowed away in the freezer now
 for those gotta have a slice of pizza days)
Definitely yummy :)

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Jennifer said...

Looks just as yummy as regular pizza... what did hubby think tasted different about it?