Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's Growing

So this latest bout with being Glutened has made me look at my garden a bit more intently.
I went for container gardening this year as it (hopefully) will be a bit easier to control (soil quality AND weeds) and didn't require tilling up the yard like we eventually want to.
I've mostly just planted herbs thus far
Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Dill, Cilantro and Parsley
I have some Thyme in the kitchen window as well.

This weekend we picked up 2 Patio Tomato plants and a Sweet Banana Pepper plant and put them in the toolbox planter (note to self, insert picture here). We rigged last year's plastic tomato cages into the box and once the tomatoes take off, it's gonna look great!

On top of my refrigerator I have a container of heirloom seeds and recycled cardboard egg cartons that I've collected for months with the intention to use them for seedlings
Intend no more! It's time to get those babies growing!

Tonight we're finishing, or nearly finishing the living room, tomorrow I have individual and group therapy, Friday afternoon I get off work early so...THAT is the day I will sort through my seeds and see which veggies lend themselves nicely to container gardening.
I know we have some corn and I'd love to do that, but I just don't have the space in the yard to commit.
I'll probably go for beans.
I know I'd like some onions and garlic as I use both of these almost daily.
Our dwarf bananas didn't make it through the late frost so I may try them in a container this I can rescue them if we get unseasonably cold weather again!

That's probably a good start
The point is to START!

I also want to get sprouting!
I was turned onto it during last year's trip to Sedona...bought a great how to book and found the perfect place in the house to sprout...but again, haven't started.
I had planned to gather the essentials and set up shop while the hub was in Colorado but instead I dug up, mulched and dressed the plant beds (pics above) and re-set the rain barrel.
But daily blog posts from ZucchiniBreath have re-sprouted my interest in sprouts...that an how amazingly EASY it is to do and how QUICKLY I'd get results!

So Friday afternoon I pick out my seeds
Saturday I have biology lab ALL DAY (thankfully I don't have to dissect a pig!)
Sunday I'll pick up some good seedling soil and play with my egg cartons!
Sunday I'll also pick up some beans to sprout and some cheesecloth for my jars ...I have tons-o-jars that I've collected over the past 6 months when I chose to STOP using plastic storage containers.
I'll probably just use rubberbands since my jars aren't canning jars...but I'll make it work with what I have on hand :)

I want to do that more and more each day
Make it work with what I have on hand
coz really...even though we don't have a lot, I'm SURE we still have way too much...

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