Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steps to Sustainability

I'd love to take BIG steps towards contributing to sustainability
Buy a more eco-friendly car
power our house with wind or solar energy...
Grow and raise our food...which I'm working on...

But little things make a difference...I really can't afford a new car right now
heck I'd really rather have a retro little diesel number that I convert to vegetable oil but I can't afford that right now either...but I CAN start making a difference with baby steps.
I've really already started and the methods we're incorporating in the garden will be more steps in the right direction.

Today I took another step
I have yet to challenge myself (and therefore my family) to reduce our waste to one plastic bag per week but I have made great strides in reducing how much disposable paper I paper plates, no paper towels, no napkins, no tampons, no pads.

Now that I've made the switch it surprises me that I hadn't done it sooner because well, I always felt funny about throwing that 'stuff' away anyway.

So I am now a Diva (okay I've been a Diva for a while but now I'm a Diva that uses a Diva) and thanks to Etsy I've got great fluff!
Check out my new friend on Etsy!

So what small steps are YOU taking towards sustainability?
I'm thinking of what I can do next so share your ideas!!

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Jennifer said...

I gave up most paper products in the kitchen and for eating before Charlotte was born. That really was an easy switch.

But I am just not so sure about giving up THOSE paper products. I've thought about it plenty, but well, it just seems a bit too icky. I know you have probably read up on this tons, so, can you point me to some more websites to explore so I can look into it again.