Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Only Money

It was bound to happen sooner or later.
We've been a single income family for 6.5 out of 12 months this year so it was only a matter of time before money became an issue

i don't know whether i honestly "worry" about it or the Devil is just in the details because yesterday the "issue" reared it's potentially-ugly head and part of me wanted to get ugly

the smart part of me took over quickly
focused my energy on positive vibrations rather than the ugly ones
okay so that worked for the facts
but the feelings were still there

so i stated them...matter of factly

fast forward to evening conversation over financial facts
and it was just that
no issues
no baggage
no emotially charged allegations
coz in the end...it's only money


e's mama said...

so i gotta ask...how was your food awareness that day, knowing that you were going to have a potentially emotional discussion?

Babs said...

good question
i must admit my entire week has been off...i've been screaming F. U. to the gluten Gods but I totally feel it so they won and I'm being good again

but as for mindlessly eating because I knew I had something to say...not too bad, because I DID mention that I HAD feelings and even that I was frustrated

although, there've been a shitload of mini candies all over the effin place coz it's hub training

doesn't anyone believe in fruit anymore?!?!? geesh!

e's mama said...

yah know, it's like you and me go through the same *base* experience at the same time yet in different parts of the world. you know about my whole work/money situation this week...and your hours have been effed up. you had a financial discussion at home this week. i fucking paid my mortgage twice this month...back to back days at that!!! wth was i thinking (got it straightened out, btw)?? spoke my mind at work, didn't binge to stuff down any feelings but noticed this week that i was gravitating more toward sugary stuff. again, not a binge by any means but the comfort of sugar was there. back to sedona, anyone? ;)