Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Birds, One Stone

My boss's boss asked me today what would make our business more profitable.
He didn't mean the theme park itself...he meant our little corner of the business.
I told him we don't market our services
If we just included information in our print ads
or had a spotlight article about our services in the local paper
our target community is loyal
once they know you provide a service...they frequent
We've been providing amazing service at unheard of levels and haven't been telling anyone about it
If you tell them...they will come

So he said he'd work on the copy in print ads...he's got more clout
And he asked ME to write an article
something he can float down the line to the ones who make things happen
me...he says I'm a good writer and know the niche intimately

So see both of these things (print ad, article) are on my list of professional goals to be completed in 2009.

And one of my personal goals is to be published...thought I had accomplished that one with my guest appearance in a tattoo mag...but maybe not...maybe this is a chance for the whole 2 birds one stone thing

Now I'll just not question my writing abilities and go...

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e's mama said...

yea, you!!!!!

word verification: supspo. I supspo you'd better get to writin' that there arteekul.