Monday, June 8, 2009


Well i didn't get the mac daddy fancy schmancy will juice anything, make nut butters AND milks juicer that I wanted...but I DID get one
I opted for The Sharper Image Super Juicer at Bed Bath and Beyond because it was 70 bucks AND THEN the cashier gave me a 20% off coupon coz I left mine in the junk drawer in our kitchen...
This morning I made juice
yummy juice
carrots, an apple and a pear
OMG it was delicious and I was AMAZED how satisfied I felt all the way through mid morning

Out topsy turvy garden is 1 1/2 for japanese cucumber plant is doing FANTASTIC, our tomato plant just so so and the other cucumber plant just died :( the hub thinks the wind broke off the stems...I think it was an animal, but either way we'll have to find a replacement plant

We bought the pieces we need to complete our rain barrel, we have a design for our compost bin, and we have 25 strawberry plants, 2 dwarf banana trees and one hardy tree on the way.
We also got some seeds this weekend. I've been saving toilet paper tubes for seed starters and the plastic containers our strawberries and spinach comes in for mini greenhouses so I'm going to start our brocolli and zucchini inside so they're ready to plant in July...we're going to put the corn and beans (2 different varieties) along the back fence line

I heard a story this morning on npr about grey water harvesting...sounds interesting may check into it. We already "recycle" water through our central air conditioning unit to water our lawn. Our A/C unit is a water cooled system and we divert the run off through a hose and whenever the A/C runs, the lawn gets watered. We'll eventually get to a system that is programmed and switches zones on its own...for now we just move the sprinkler every once in a while.

We've also decided to use the side yard for a patchouli garden. We've figured out the best way to grow from cuttings and the side yard gets the perfect amount of sun/shade etc. I think I'll try to distill my own essential oil and I know we'll sell plants through the couple that gave me my very first cutting.
Okay...time to cook dinner
maybe I'll juice mine...i'm saving the pulp for some soup i'm starting from the fresh pork shoulder the hub smoked last week....yum

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