Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Door part Deux

The door is once again red you may remember this from before and be thinking, "wait, wasn't the door already red?"
Why yes, yes it was...then we bought a new door. 
So once again, the door is red AND the new hardware is in!
oh yeah...and i think i mentioned a post or few ago that Bm's room is complete
I don't think i posted any pics...the bed belonged to my parents and is from Sears (way back before there was ever a Roebuck so it's OLD...and for the record, friggin HEAVY).
The surfboard will be mounted on hooks she can retrieve it from when she hits the beach but keep it out of the way when she's home...and the posters have since been stuck to the wall. You can't see the other corner because, well, her clothes are all over the floor...it's one of those "battles I've chosen not to pick" right now :)

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