Saturday, April 4, 2009

Singing Crystal

We went to mini b's Regional Pop Warner Scholar banquet tonight
good food...Baaaad presentations. I swear the Boomers that put these together forget that KIDS are there and it's for the KIDS. 
She rocked her new hair style
the boys looked very handsome although several people frowned at their jeans
but that pales in comparison to the looks I got for my tats
I felt rather "pin up-esque" in my sundress with my tats all out and my betty boop lips :)

so 3/4 of the way through someone at our table started trying to make their glass sing ...a la Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality

We got the other folks at our table to try, then decided to calm down
then...riiiiiiiiiiiing, the little girl at the table behind us tried it

then....ooooooooooooooo....the girls at the table next to us tried it

we really wanted to get everyone going but we still have another banquet to go to next month and don't need to piss anyone off before Bry gets her National scholar award.

We talked about how proud we were of her tonight...
I think the reason I'm the MOST proud is because she will be honored as an All American First Team Scholar. There are only 25 other 5th grade girls across the nation that will receive that same honor...but lil b didn't do anything special
She was just lil b
we didn't know this scholarship was an option
we just filled out the paper work...her grades, her participation, her projects...
and now she's in the top 1% of all 5th grade Pop Warner cheerleaders in America
just for being lil b

that's pretty damn cool!
pics later

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Anonymous said... you're THAT mom? ;) maybe bring some singing crystal BOWLS to the next function. don't worry, i'm "that mom" too in our preschool circle. uber cool teachers, cool admin, less % of cool parents

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