Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crafty Kitchen

The hub hung my herb shelf/curtain rod last night so it was time to figure out curtains
The kids and I went back to the original inspiration (Gutsav's Klimpt)
and remembered the mustard designs I drew on lil b's curtains when she was a wee one (we still have those curtains...they've since been camo'd and are now in Reed's room).

So, while in the kids' bathroom this morning I noticed a single sheer panel I had from a previous window incarnation and noticed it had stitched square spirals, which I thought was a nice twist on the swirls. It started out a white panel, so I used this morning's coffee grounds and soaked the panel to a a nice shade then traced the stitched spirals with french's yellow mustard.
I'll cut the panel in half and add some brushed aluminum grommets and they'll be the perfect length for the remaining 2/3 of the window and the wash out from the mustard swirls will mimic the mottled look in the original painting :)
And have I mentioned the cool new ceiling fan? it matches the shapes in my funky backsplash tin.
Stay tuned!

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