Monday, February 2, 2009

Page 52

So one of my goals for 2009 is to have my work published in a major publication...I meant my writing
I guess I should've been a bit more specific when writing my list.

But...imagine my surprise when my tattoo artist tells me my pic is in some images from a convention the hub and I attended last year. He neglected to say the images were also published in the March '09 issue of Tattoo Magazine...but I figured that out, and of course bought a copy!

My "regular" cashier at the local bookstore said, "Wow, don't think I've ever seen you buy one of these!" To which I promptly replied..."Well this is the first one I've been in!"

So name isn't anywhere, can't even really see my art...
But more importantly, I told the universe I was going to be published this year and it listened...I need to use the power of my words more often!


Anonymous said...

Now that's just cool. Who were those people? Panelists? Judges?

Babs said...

judges...I guess they're pretty famous too...I'm not as tightly woven into the tattoo community as some might think so I have no clue who they are :)