Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ask and you shall receive

i'm a firm believer in asking for wisdom and guidance
but i'm also analytical and a stubborn problem solver
so for years i've been analyzing my body issues...without really asking for guidance
i've asked for relief to my suffering...but never really an ANSWER
well, not from the Spirit anyway...I've asked Doctors
I asked God for a doctor...and I was led to a GREAT D.O. who has been encouraging and thorough...but has only managed to eliminate possibilities (which is good, but not's still frustrating NOT knowing what's wrong)

So I FINALLY asked (ask and you will receive)
and I heard "gluten"
so I asked again...because I'm stubborn
and again I heard "gluten"
I said "this can't be the answer that has to be another wild trip down self-diagnosis road"

Then...totally out of character I inhaled food with that mystery ingredient and BOY did my body respond (I'd been "fake carb" free for about a month and feeling phenomenal...but that also coincided with my AD prescription and Anti Viral for EBV so I attributed the improvement to better living through chemistry)
I was slammed so hard against the wall it felt like I NEVER began a course of treatment

visited my D.O. and mentioned my Spiritual prodding...and she agreed
we're going through the testing phase to confirm the suspicions
but something is settling right in my soul like I've never experienced with any other diagnosis
I think we've finally found it

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