Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Beatles meet the Mahna Mahnas

...or Cage Free meets the Popoffs

There's an emptiness in our space today... Aimee, Jeff, Nichola and Quinn completed their RV repairs and are no longer "fenced in" our yard.

I keep singing the Mahna Mahna song...mixed with the chorus from "All you need is Love"

so it's like...
All you need is love ... Mahna Mahna Mahna that I've firmly planted that earworm in your brain...enjoy some of the pics of the Crystalline Rainbow that are our kids :)


Anonymous said...

Ummm...where are the pics? Perhaps I'm not psychic enough to see them. ;) Guess what? E told me he wants to be the Mahna Mahna dude for Halloween. THAT ROCKS! Of course he could change his mind but I'm still going to work on the outfit and 2 little pink puppets. I thought me and hubs might even dress up like the pinkies but we may look more like big pigs following a caveman!

Babs said...

um can't see the pics? that's weird coz I can
from several different computers

Anonymous said...

I figured out what happened. I bet you're using that MySpace photo thingy, eh? My company has blocked MySpace as evil so I can't check it from my work computer. That's why I have a PDA. ;) Checking from my PDA now.