Thursday, February 26, 2009

kitchen re-do day 4

23 doors
8 drawers 
wait 30 minutes
wait 60 minutes
wait 4 hours

good thing i don't have to be up early tomorrow!


e's mama said...

whoa...i thought those were ceramic tiles for a minute and thought, "man, she really IS redoing that kitchen!" does L know what you're up to while he's away?

Babs said...

heh heh
we have BIG plans for a kitchen re do...tearing down walls, he'll do the cabinet build out, incorporating the washer and dryer...yada yada...but that's a few years away and I couldn't live with GRAPE wallpaper border backsplash ANYMORE!
Yeah, he knows what I'm up to but he'll still be surprised. Heck even I'M surprised with how great everything is turning out! Can't wait for Reveal Day!