Monday, February 22, 2010

Bm's new hair the Salon, just easy peasy no work for those 'just woke up and the bus is coming' mornings... HOME :)

She wanted something she could 'hawk...too fun.
Should I be concerned that she also asked if she could have a tiny nose stud?


e's mama said...

you're going to let her get it, right?

Babetta said...

Okay me...the woman with 27 extra holes in her body will not say no.

But, this isn't a decision for just me, she has to ask the hub too.

AND...given she's in the school play, and can't wear a hoop in P.E., I think my part of the conversation will include waiting until May...that way it has time to completely heal (the RIGHT way) before she has to take it out for cheerleading.

OY...I can hear my mother now! heh heh