Friday, May 23, 2008

Next week I'll be HERE!!!

Every Week
(tune: Are you Sleeping)

Every week has 7 days,
See how many you can say.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday. What's today?


Angel said...

whatcha goin' to that there purty buildin' for?

Babs said...

I'm going to ITFT (Interpreter Training for the Theater) at Juilliard...woo hoo
I auditioned on a whim and got accepted :)

I'm soooo psyched, I've never been to NYC, already scheduled a yoga class during my free time at an ashram right down the road from the dorms

I'll have my computer, so I'll try to post each night

~A~ said...

well you need to come to good ol' aws-tun, tx, to interpret the BOLD play this year since i ain't gonna do it...producing it is time consuming enough!

Babs said...

I was actually gonna offer my services :)

~A~ said...

c'mon on down (over?). counting you that makes two interpreters and we need 2-3 more. we're looking at the weekend of sept 20 so it shouldn't interfere with any of your anniversary plans, right?

Babs said...

send me the details
I'd love to do it!