Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Tattoo

Theres something that I need to say to you

I know its late

But this cant wait

I just got a new tattoo
(New Tattoo by Motley Crue)

Mary Queen of the Universe is on the opposite side of my Quan Yin Tattoo...will be a full leg sleeve when it's done (it's no where near done...ouch)

you can see the rest on our Inked Nation Page

New Hair Too :)


~A~ said...

totally diggin the hair (and the necklace, ahem). kim or another stylist?

Babs said...

new stylist! FINALLY, I haven't had anyone great since Kymm (about 2004...sigh) High Gloss Salon in College Park.
I'm gonna do some more dimension with color...after the NYC trip, didn't want to ruin my chances of terping the final show because I had hair that was too funky