Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Ode to Lilith

Yesterday Lilith Fair was in town (okay, in state).
I entertained the idea of making it a Mother-Daughter trip ... then I saw ticket prices and *gulp* decided to make it a Mother-Daughter day instead.

Over the summer we stumbled across a quaint little shop tucked away amongst other quaint little shops in College Park. Beachcomber Bazaar is a funky little shop with all things bangle-y.
(Now you're singing Walk Like an Egyptian...told you it was an Ode to all things Lilith today)

Bm now sports a beautiful butterfly henna tattoo on her foot. It's Curly and Swirly...just like us!  We bought a Bajidoo bangle kit and an extra bangle and decals are looking forward to her workshop in September!
We sang songs with radio back-up, wandered the bookstore, searched for the perfect Mojo Jojo fish and giggled, a lot.
Me thinks a pedicure night is in order :-)

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