Tuesday, April 10, 2012

40 trips around the sun, the evolution

This year I turned my New Year's Resolutions on their proverbial ears and vowed my goal for this year be an understanding and practice of Sankalpa. A Sanskrit word, sankalpa means "will, purpose, or determination." To make a sankalpa is to set an intention. A sankalpa also praises the nobility of the effort rather than focusing on what you are doing wrong.
This year marks my 40th trip around our glorious Sun. I've been working on the same resolutions for at least 30 of those 40 years so it only made sense to give my Resolutions a resolution of their own...and oddly enough, none of them started in January... anywhere other than in my mind

So far, my intentions that have met action and developed a relationship include:

  • Intentional, personal yoga practice - Ashtanga
  • Healing my body with real food rather than supplements - Mila
So now I work on the next level I feel called to... Hrmm...that's another interesting thing about sankalpa, my changes evolve rather than being dictated by some thought that makes me feel less than or in need of change.
  • Consume a 90% plant based diet
This, unlike other attempts at change to my diet, will be one I allow to unfold. If everyone cut their animal product consumption by 10%, we could make a huge dent in not only the battle with dis-ease, but in worldwide hunger.
Why 90% and not 100%? Well, because I like some animal based foods sometimes, they taste good but are not always the most nutrient dense choices and definitely don't have to be the main component of my diet.

My plant based consumption will also be Gluten free based on my intolerance.
I'll be posting weekly updates/menus on my GF blog. If I'm feeling extra plucky...you may even get a shopping list :)


Jennifer said...

Good for you! I've been stewing on some questions for you...

1-Do grains count towards your plant-based count?

2-Do you just juice a couple of times a week and then make sure to juice enough for several days? That would make my life so much easier, but I was told that juice produce should be consumed within 30 minutes to be the healthiest.

Babetta Popoff said...

Hi Jennifer,
those are both great questions!

1 - The short answer, yes grains count. Now for me, given my gluten intolerance, there are certain grains I must stay away from. But...those particular grains aren't the most nutrient rich on the grain-block so ultimately you may choose to stay away from them too.

2 - Again, the short answer is yes, we make juice enough for 2 - 3 days at a time. We have a masticating juicer . We chose this type (instead of another centrifugal juicer) for a number of reasons but a nice one is there is no friction (i.e. heat) and therefore the juice stays better longer.
My personal opine on this...any juice is good juice and if you are juicing, even if for a couple of days at a time, you are starting a good habit and reducing your dendence on processed products and the amount of trash generated. So in short, start where you are :)
Practice, practice, practice...All is coming :)

Hope this helped!
And CONGRATS on the baby! Another great thing about Masticating Juicers, the pulp is PERFECT for home made baby food :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the reply! I already own a centrifugal juicer and should probably demonstrate my commitment to juicing before I even think about the financial investment of a masticating juicer! But I now feel free of the 30 minute limit which has kept me from juicing at all.

I really need to get my act together nutritionally. I am in the high risk category for gestational diabetes and do not want to be transferred to an OB because I love my midwife and really want a home water birth!

You are making me think... thanks!