Monday, November 8, 2010

Do what makes you feel good

It's such a simple statement and an oft repeated phrase, "Do what makes you happy..." or "Follow your bliss..." It's probably pretty safe to say that we tend to lean this way in forging our paths of life-works and family-creation, but do we do it in the little things.

I don't.
I don't do it enough anyway.

Just yesterday I plunged my hands in the dirt and started our fall version of our trial and error garden.
We planted mustard and collard greens, crook neck and zucchini squash, thyme, chives, leeks, broccoli, red lettuce and started several seeds including some we harvested from our summer basil.
It felt so good, it SMELLED so good and I joked that although we've had some extreme failures in our garden, we've harvested more than enough produce and herbs to pay for what we put into it...and heck even if we didn't, the zen of the dirt through my fingers is worth what we spend.
Why don't I do that more often?

This weekend we bought a great BPA free carafe with a lid for juice. I haven't juiced in MONTHS. We juiced yesterday (yes we, Bm was there, I ran the juicer and hub steadied the carafe), carrots, pears and apples and it is lucious numminess and such a glorious color. I had some in my fave wine glass (a b-day "spoil yourself regularly" gift from my bff years ago) for breakfast and it FELT so good...I don't have to tell you how it tasted!
Why don't I do that more often?

I actually said that out loud in the presence of my hub...he said "coz cleaning the juicer is a pain in the A" well sorta...but not more than the pleasure I get fromt the juice! Now that we have a carafe that will keep it for a couple of days, I can definitely commit to juicing more often. Perhaps the daily chore seemed too ominous...we'll have to see, check back in month and we'll see how that's going!

But, that at least started a convo between the hub and I. "It's sorta like yoga," I said. " I always feel so amazingly good when I'm done; taller, stronger, more comfortable in my own skin...but I don't take the time to do it.
"Me too," he said, "we really need to try and do that more."

Yes, yes we do
So why don't we (and I'm speaking human race we) do the things that bring us pleasure more often
I function better in all other capacities when I care for myself and treat myself to the things I love so it would only seem LOGICAL...

So I'm continuing my "Today I honor myself..." trend
I started it in another of my blogs and it really helped me remember TO honor myself.
Today I honored myself with delicious juice
I will spend the time it takes to collect water from the rainbarrel (which is much longer than just turning on the hose) basking in the beautiful weather, and I will enjoy my time in the garden...I'll even snap a couple of pictures so you can have updates :)

How will YOU honor yourself today?
('re supposed to respond ~grin)

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