Monday, May 31, 2010

I choose NOT to agree

For the month of June
I will NOT agree that anyone is a butthead or a jerk or a bitch or a pain in the ass or "insert derogatory word of choice here."
Not only do I choose to abstain from agreeing
I am going to challenge you to change your thinking
Whoever you are
My hub, my best friend, my co-worker, the person in line at the grocery store
Change your thinking, change your life
I believe it's true
Stop thinking your neighbor is a butthead...and they'll stop appearing to be a butthead
The child will not seem like such a pain in the neck if we stop calling him/her a pain in the neck

I'm binding and loosing and I'm hugging...a lot
and you should hug too
So what if you can only start with 2 a day
add one more tomorrow
work your way all the way up to 10 hugs a day
can you do it?
Can you hug your loved ones TEN TIMES A DAY....EACH?
I'm gonna try
And I'm gonna keep telling you to try too
Because it makes a difference
...and change is good :)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

What a great idea! Name calling is so base anyway. I think I am most guilty of it while driving, though having little ears in the back seat does help me curb it some what.

I will say though, one thing our family is good at is hugs. We give them to each other all day long!