Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A new Spiritual Paradigm

Jesus began his ministry introducing a new spiritual paradigm ... 

This is a line from a book I'm re-reading - Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss
It got me to thinking

It's so very true
Jesus came and turned ministry on it's ear and told those practicing at the time they were doing it wrong...what good is it to follow the letter of the law if you miss the intent?
He 'called out' the Pharisees and the Sadducee and told them there was more to their beliefs than just the laws...what good is it to follow the letter of the law if you miss the intent?
He encouraged compassion and love and inclusion
He ate with tax collectors and prostitutes
He and his band of disciples were probably a rather motley crew...traveling from place to place on foot or by boat
ne'er stopping for a haircut or a daily shower and always living off a hand out or the generosity of those he wasn't until well into his ministry that he fed the 5,000.

He challenged their return some of his followers left, some of them betrayed him...but some of them continued to follow.

Then...he challenged them more
just as he was preparing to leave them...he told them to spread the news, share the Gospel...with everyone
even the (gasp) Gentiles

What would that look like today
The last thing any self respecting Jew in Jesus' day would do is associate with Gentiles
eat with them, share with them...NO
They were different, they were dirty,  they were disrespectful in a nutshell...they were hated

Who would that be today?

Jesus began his ministry introducing a new spiritual paradigm  every bit as important as that initiated by Abraham 2000 years earlier.

If Jesus began his ministry today, introducing a new spiritual paradigm...just as he shifted the thinking of the laws of the old would he present his Way today?

The last thing any self-respecting Christian would do today is associate with...

Who does that look like for you?

Black? Hispanic? White? Gay? Lesbian? Transgender? Male? Female? Muslim? Buddhist? Atheist? Agnostic?


If scholars interpret so many of Jesus' words to have such breadth and depth of meaning...why not the use of the word Gentiles when speaking with the Jews

What if he was saying...share the word and include everyone...even those you don't think are deserving...because I want everyone ...everyone is worthy...everyone is good.

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