Thursday, August 27, 2009

My next home

I want a community of THESE!
Thanks to one of my fave bloggers for sharing the link!

I believe life is better when it's simple
when neighbors are neighbors and needs are met
the wants become more social and less socially motivated
I want a yard where kids can play
a community garden
a circle community school
finding joy in the gifts we have and can share
I want to bake for my neighbor and share meals together
I want to can (more than just pickles)

If we ALL would live with what we need
the EVERYONE's needs could be met
and we ALL could LIVE

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e's mama said...

now how the hell are two octogenarians supposed to fit in there comfortably with their oxygen tanks and their (strapping, young, handsome) nurse aids?

seriously, i'm all for simplicity. we've lived several weeks without stuff on our walls while we repaint and i LIKE having less to dust (okay, less to THINK about dusting since i rarely dist to begin with). i think so many people imagine a simple life as being barren of any decoration or anything that defines your space as "yours." and you KNOW businesses don't want you to do without less stuff. i'd like my decorations to be functional ones. stuff i use but when i'm not using it, it goes back in its place and becomes decoration.

word verification: ovenitt. two words that, when put together, totally explain my cooking skills (or lack thereof)